Meet Gillina English

I like meeting new people because it allows me to see other people’s perspective. This week I met Gillina English. Gillina and I talked about “What is art?”. We both agreed that art was something that expresses who you are and/or how you are feeling. She used the example of poems and makeup. She said ” a poem expresses what you are feeling at the moment”. Makeup is also an art she said, it allows you to express your personality. We discussed deeper, why makeup was an art. When a person is feeling happy they  will wear warm colors and when feeling sad dark colors. Makeup allows a person to show your personality, for example Goths, they tend to express themselves through black makeup.




I believe in order to succeed in anything, one must be social. Socializing opens up a new world; different perspectives. Through out the years  the way we socialize has been changing. Social media is one of the changes that has had the most impact in the modern age. It allows people, to socialize with someone on the other side of the world. It also allows people to share their feelings, ideas, the occasional selfie and what they had for lunch. In our “Group Portrait”, I noticed we really like sharing what we eat, where we are at, who we are with and what we are doing. In the “Group Portrait”  most people posted their lunch, their group of friends and lots of selfies. Like many of my classmates I posted a selfie, a picture of my friends and my second home CSULB. One thing I notice we all have in common we attend CSULB (haha) and that we really like to eat, and hangout with our friends. We like to keep ourselves busy, by going out , playing with our pets, socializing with other people and watching Netflix. I even found out that, one of my fellow classmate and I like the same show  “Narcos”.

p.s. I also found out I am someone’s backup dancer

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Nick Bamford

In the Max I. Gatova gallery, the artist Nick Bamford had his art displaced. In his show, artist Nick Bamford had many sculptures, but out the many two caught my attention the most, The hand and The Boy. Both of the sculptures where made of plaster, cement and stabalized clay. Each sculpter had and a unique material that only one that sculpture had; The boy sculture had chicken wire and The Hand had  a wheel.

IMAG0047                                      IMAG0046

Nick Bamford became an artist for the love of art. All of his art pieces he makes on his own. He created the pieces for his show in CSULB. When creating something he looks for stuff around his house .”There is a love of experiment with form created with readymade objects, bent twisted and crumbled, stacked nailed and glued together, an idea of materialism, designing and creation to how i see fit,” (Bamford).

I felt that both the sculpture of The Boy and The Hand where connected. I questioned the artist, “if the two pieces where connected?”and he did not say yes but he also did not say no. “It is open to interpretation”,(Bamford). You may ask yourself why i believe the two pieces are connected? I believe the two pieces are connected because the sculpture off The Boy did not have a left hand and The Hand was a left hand. Coincidence or not?

The sculpture of The Boy was that of a boy sitting down on the floor slouched, with his head down, and his weight leaned toward his right side. It looks as if the boy was going to get up; the right hand is on the ground with the right leg bent. From this show The Hand was the first piece made. in the hand located between the ring finger and the middle finger. I felt the wheel symbolizes a path. Perhaps the path is in your hand? Then I notice the sculpture of The Boy was missing a hand (left hand). Now i interpret the two pieces as, in your hand you have your path, you can pick yourself up no matter the obstical and continue your path.

Carolina De La Torre

For a closer look for Nick Bamford art visit Csulb  Max I. Gatov Gallery or follow him on Instagram @nickbam4d

Plaster Casting

             On Wednesday, my two friends and I decided to go to the beach, and work on our projects. We gathered our materials (including my friend’s big 48 inch shovel) and we were off to the beach. When we arrived and got out the car with the 48 inch shovel and the buckets; we got a lot of strange looks (a lot). As we began working on the molds, the lifeguard kept staring at us (maybe he thought we were going to bury someone, or that we were going to do some sort of witch craft). At some point a lifeguard came up to us (we were almost sure we were going to get kicked out), telling us “not to dig too deep because someone could trip and hurt themselves”. Despite the strange looks we kept working on our molds and even decided to make another one. The second mold where kind off a fail because the mix got too thick. In general the project was fun, spending time at the beach, getting strange looks, wondering what people thought we were doing. I still wonder what people thought we were doing. Did they think we were going bury someone we murdered or we were going to hide the evidence of the crime scene? Did they think we were going to do some sort of witch craft?


Hello World

Hello there  my name is Carolina De La Torre Vallejo the third , just kidding but my name is Carolina De La Torre Vallejo; my name is really long because my mom decided to name me the way it is done in Mexico( two last names). I am Straight outta Compton, I currently live and have lived all my life in Compton. No I do not Know Ice Cube and I am not in any Gang. I am currently a pre-Kinesiology but I want to be a Nursing major. In the future I want to work in a Children’s Hospital. My biggest dream is to travel the world; I love adventure. I love food and I like trying new things. I love food so much one of my favorite hobbies is going out to eat with my friends


p.s. I am the one that is taking the selfie