Wk:6 Artist Conversation



                Mezclado Spanish for mix. Mezclado is an exhibition collaboration that “explores the stereotypes imposed on the artist culture, gender, and socioeconomic status”( artists of Mezclado). The collaboration was between five Latin American women; Bianca Hurtado, Vanessa Olivarez, Marlene Tafoya, Cindy Vallejo and Romana Vera. The exhibition consists of pictures, furniture, shoes and many other artifacts. It is presented in two parts the first is Loteria ( Mexican Bingo) and the second the exhibition itself.

Unfortunately not all but one of the artist were present, when I attended the gallery (gatov-west); the artist present was Bianca Hurtado. Bianca is a sixth year student at Cal State Long Beach. She currently lives and has lived in the city of Lynwood. When she first started school she was a Nursing major but later changed to Art.

Bianca was able to explain some details of the pieces of the other artists. Bianca’s piece was “Estos no son Toms these are not Toms”. The piece consist of some Huraches ( Mexican sandals). She explained that they originated from Columbia. She said that the huraches were used by famers in the fields. Another thing she said that the soles of most were made from recycled tires.


When I first saw the exhibition, I immediately thought of a quote “Too Mexican for America, Too American for Mexico”, (Author unknown). Latin American people are part of two groups; their ethnicity and their nationality. In one of the pieces you have an American flag over a Mexican flag on top of an ironing table. When you first look at it you cannot see the Mexican flag but if you pay attention you could see it. For me this means no matter how much you hide your ethnicity, it is there; it is not something you can hide.

If you wish to learn more of the artist Bianca Hurtado you can find her on Instagram @ Bianca


Wk-5 Activity-Deep Ethology

Don’t Burn the house

Friday September 25, the night begins; no electricity. I am sitting in the middle of my room with the desk infront of me. I have candles to left and to the right side. I have a snack , water, my anatomy book ( to “study” ),pen and paper.

IMG_3187 (1)

Sitting here in the dark reminds me, when i would go visit my Grandparents in Mexico. The electricity will often go away in the Pueblo (where my grandparents live). Ironically the name of the Pueblo was La Luz ; which means light and/or electricity. My mom and i would constantly make fun of it, by calling it La Luz sin Luz ( the light without light). Even though the electricity will often go away , it did not bug me. When i am in Mexico, i do not check my phone; check instagram or even check my text messages. Because of the way the Pueblo was built, it does not get good phone service (to make a call you either have to go on the second floor of a house or climb a hill). But I did not need the internet to socialize, i could do it face to face. Without electricity, “I am one with nature”.

Writing by candle makes me feel like i am in, historic times; i just need a feather pen to complete the mood. Being without electricity is a diffrent experience, especially because it is something that i had to choice. I like being without electricity but i love electricity more. I would be able to survive one or two days without electricity but that is it. Electricity is an essentail part of my life. When i began preparing for the project , gathering my materials, my mom told me something , ” Don’t burn the house.”


Wk5- Classmate Conversation Socheatey Yim

Socheatey Yim, Second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Her major is Business Accounting. Her hobby include drawing. Why did she pick Cal State Long Beach? She says , “Because it was my dream school”.

Socheatey came to the U.S. from Cambodia, and she is swimming in her Cambodian culture. Since she came to the U.S. and she had to embrace the American culture too. She feels “I am in touch with my culture but I am Ghetto”.She say that Combodians say she is , “Americanized”. Socheatey eats Combodian food, celebrates the holidays and speaks Khmer.


Part of her, reality is that she misses her homeland. She say she misses the ferrie but most of all she misses is her father. Socheatey is an amazing person. Tey as she likes to be called, is a hardworking person. Besides hardwoking she is a enthustic and freindly person.

wk5- Artist of the week Joanie Ellen

I am dirty- You are Dirty. A show that deals with the human nature, by Joanie Ellen. Artist Joanie had her exhibition in the Werby-Gallery. In the show, she used a video to convae her message . She decided to use this technique because it gave it a better understanding.


Joanie Ellen is an Artist, Actor, Mother and Wife. Joanie is from new York. Her Husband is a Proffesor of Philosophy at Cal State Long Beach. She has been an actor her entire life. Also, while pregnant she began wood work.

The artist, with the show wants the viewers to have an emerging experience. She liked that people had a fear to go into the exhibit. In the exhibit she has soaps, which she encourages people to use; the soap are important to the exhibition. Other objects are dirty ( which she brought from her own home) and beach stones ( which she gathered from the beach).


When you enter the gallery, it is dark with a sheet covering the door. A video is playing , with what seems to be two women talking to each other. They are both the same person except that one is wearing black and the other white. To me the exhibit symbolizes the good and evil from within oneself. How within oursselves we are constantly fighting against the evil. The dirt and the woman in black symbolze evil. The soap sybolizes the cleaning of the evil.


The art of Graffiti

IMAG0125 (1)

When I think of Graffiti I normally think of vandalism. Growing up in Compton Graffiti was normally associated with Gangs. Gangs  members would tag  their group name to claim their territory. Working on a project using graffiti allowed me to learn more about it. I realized not all type of graffiti is “bad”. Graffiti is an art, it allows people express themselves. It allows them to be creative and turn a simple word into a work of art.

Learning about graffiti was not enough I need to learn hands on; I needed to create my own graffiti piece. I created my piece of art in my own back yard; sitting in grass. I grab a piece of plastic that my parents no longer needed and began the process. I have much respect for Graffiti artists , tagging is not as easy as it looks. Working with spray paint is pretty complicated; if you hold it a certain way then the paint with come out misty if placed too close the paint will smear. I began by drawing out my name with a sharpie, then I spray painted the letters white. To add a contrast the colors I added blue to the back ground and then later I added green. After adding the green to the back ground I was not happy with my lettering so I decide to paint them silver. Once I finished with the silver I added more blue and green to the back ground also I misted some whit into it. I like how my oiece looks but need more practice .

Snapchat-7826213489688624731                  IMAG0126

ps. I like more how my piece looks if you look at it from the back

Is it Rosanna or evil her twin?


Is it Rosanna Ramirez or her  evil twin sister? Rosanna has twin sister but she is not evil, but they do look so much alike. Beside having a twin sister Rosanna is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Even though she is undeclared, she has an idea of what she wants to major in; music. Something Rosanna and I had in common is that we both considered studying in Mexico.  Another thing we had in common is that we both hate parking in school. We had a long conversation on how early we have to come to get a parking space or how far we have to walk because we can find a close enough parking space.

I asked Rosanna why is art important? She responded ,” Art allows us to escape from reality”. She explains how it allows us to keep or mind distracted from the strains of everyday life.  It also allows our imagination to go wild. “Art is in everything”, (Rosanna). Meaning art is in music, writing, paintings, and many more other things. I completely agree with her it allows us to distract ourselves when we are feeling sad. It allows us like little kids have an imagination.

Intuit Mythos

 Inuit Mythos Gallery stories of Native American Eskimo, Mythology. This show was created by Artist Jamie Strassenburg. Jamie’s illustartions are very vivid and bright colors. In each piece she is telling the story of the Inuit First Nation. With each piece artist wants to make them “to be believable.”


Artist Jamie Strassenburg ,is a Fine Art student at Cal State Long Beach; currently a senior. Some of her areas of expertise “fantasy video gamimg”, (Jamie). She wants to work making video games. While attending Cal State Long Beach, she collaborated with students on campus and created a video game. Her current age is 25 and will be graduating spring of 2016.


When i think of the Sun and moon, i normally think about two lovers. i also think about the sun being masculin (sol) and the moon being femine (luna). Artist Jamie protrays the Sun Sister Malina and The Moon Brother Anningan. When looking at the image The Celestial Chase, you can see how the sun is superior to the moon. Malina is brighter, with more light (sun), and Anningan is darker in the shadow of the sun . Annigan is in her shadow waiting for her to leave, once Malina (sun) leave, he comes with his dim light (night).


if you wish to see more of Jamie’s art visit her website: jamiedraws

instagram: drawnbyjamie or go to CSULB and visit the merlino-gallery