A little of why I chose Nursing

   I am currently a Pre-Kinesiology major but I want to change to a Nursing Major.  I grew up in Compton, a low income community. I went to school there, and I did community service in there too. I did my community service in a clinic in Compton; here I saw the importance of good nurses and doctors. Volunteering and a class I took in High school helped me decide that, I wanted to be a Nurse.  I did not choose this career for the money, but because I want to help. I really know the need of good and passionate Nurs


Wk:12 ePortfolio

For this weeks activity, I had to do an ePortfolio. At first I did not really know what I wanted to do with my Portfolio; I could not decide if I wanted to do it on Compton, Mexican American culture, or Nursing. I decided to do it on Nursing because it is something I have a strong passion for. Nursing is very important to me. With this assignment I hope future  employers see, the passion I have for Nursing. Hope they see why I became a nurse, and the process it took me to become a Nurse.

    I had to make some minor adjustments to my website. The first adjustment was to make menus. I added a Nursing Menu and and Art 110 menu. For the Art 110 menu I added sub-menus which were each blog post I did for the class. Another thing I did was change the background and add a nursing touch to it. I chose a picture of the Nursing symbol; which is universal to any nurse. Before that I had a floral bright color background.The last and final step I did was change my header image, I changed it to something important to me.

2d212e2c787a130324f32a7813b95179 nursing

First background                                                          Final background




header image



      When I think about all the patients and their loved ones that I have worked with over the years, I know most of them don’t remember me nor I them, but I do know that I gave a little piece of myself to each of them and they to me and those threads make up the beautiful tapestry in my mind that is my career in nursing.(Donna Wilk Cardillo).

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My Beginning into Nursing : ROP Classes

I grew up in a low income community, I have seen first hand the necessity of good health care. This why I wanted to become a Nurse, I did not choose this career for the money, but because I want to help. I really know the need of good and passionate Nurses.

My journey to become a nurse began in high school. In my high school they offered a ROP class; Certified Nurse Assistant class (CNA).  I told my mom that I was interested in the Medical field and she advised me to take the CNA class. “You need to see if you actually like the medical field and see if you are made for it. To see if you could work with blood.”(my mom).

I decided to take the CNA class, to see if I could work in the medical field and also to see if I liked it. I was scared that I was not going to be a good nurse, that I was not going to have the compassion to be a nurse. For the CNA class, I had to clinical hours in a nursing home and volunteer hours in a Clinic. Right away, when I began my clinical hours, I learned so much about myself. In the nursing home, I learned I had compassion and patience. The CNA ROP class was one of the best decisions I have made. It also help me see the importance of good nurses. Nurse provide more of a personal care and, they spend more time with the patients.

My CNA class was a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) class. ROP are  classes that are that help you with a career. Unfortunately, the CNA class is the only ROP class offered in the High School I attended. ROP classes are important, they offer students in high school, career opportunities. They help student develop skills that are needed in the workforce, and prepare them for the future.

WK:11 Activity Fiber Art

Fiber Art


                           Pinterest is my favorite website in the world ,i find everything here. I can find new recipes, makeup tutorials, outfits and my favorite DIY. I really love DIY( Do it yourself)  activities; acne mask, hair treatments, and home decorations. For this week the activity consisted of working with fiber. As soon as I was told about the activity, I went on Pinterest and started searching fiber art. When searching up fiber art yarn came out. In my house there is a lot of yarn so I decided to use yarn to make my piece.  I searched yarn art, and then pictures of words made by nails and yarn came out.


The materials l need to make the pieces were things I had at home; nails, wood, yarn.

The first thing i did is ask my dad to cut out a piece of wood for my project. Then I began drawing of the letter. I could not decide if I wanted to do just a letter or my last name. I decide to just do the letter; since my last name is long ( three words). I drew out the letter C for my name; to put it in my room.

IMG_3499 IMG_3500

The second thing I did was hammer in the nails. I was scared to hammer my fingers so i was very careful.( tip it is much easier to hammer things on wood if you put a piece of wood under it). Hammering in the nails was not that easy because some of the nails would come out, while hammering the other nails.


The third thing is weaving in the yarn; this was the easiest part. The colors I picked when I first weaved, I did not like it so i re-did it.


The last and final step I did was add flowers to the bottom corner (this was extra).

IMAG0353 (1)

Wk:12 Classmate conversation

         Stephanie Chang


          Stephanie has traveled to many places around the world. She has gone to Mexico, Japan and even to France. Even though she has traveled to Europe she still has not visited the U.K. She wants to travel to the U.K. and even wants to study  there. Stephanie is from Cupertino , California; Northern California. Her favorite weather is the cold because the she likes the outfits that are for the cold season.

          Stephanie is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Her major is Business Marketing. She really enjoys photography it is one of her favorite hobbies. She told me that she likes watching shows online, but does not have a Netflix account;she watches them on YouTube. Another thing she really enjoys is eating. I asked her what was the strangest thing she ate? She told me that the strangest thing she has eaten were , snails(escargots).

     Question of the week; Do you consider tattoos an art? Would you ever get a tattoo?

Stephanie says, she considers tattoos and art form. She says both the ones that are picked from the wall and those that are designed by oneself. Stephanie comes from a very conservative family; who do not like tattoos. Even though her family is conservative she like tattoos but she would not get one herself.

WK:11 Artist Conversation

Kathy YoonIMAG0339

In a single year we can go through many things. Our emotions are never the same throughout the year; the emotions vary from happy to frustrated. Artist Kathy Yoon did an exhibition on the emotions  she felt in the past year.  So many Me’s by Artist Kathy Yoon.  A story of a girl; a girl  that is her ( a “grown-ass” woman). In the exhibition you see ceramic yarn dolls; which have a vary amount of moods. Some of the dolls are running up the wall others are happy holding a heart balloon and one is being silly trying to do a front flip.


This is the last semester before Artist Kathy Yoon graduates from Cal State Long Beach. Her major is BFA in Ceramics. In the last couple of years she has been working with animal realism but decide with this project to step out of her comfort zone. She began working on her first piece for project before she even had the idea of creating this exhibition. She said that her first piece took the longest because it was something new to her.  Each piece took about a week or two. She loved making each and every single piece. Her favorite piece to make was the doll with the tutu; it made her laugh because it was so silly .

   When i walked in the exhibit I first thought of childlike dolls. Later when I read the artist statement, I began to relate. I related the most to the dolls moods; most of my college experience I go through a roller coaster of moods . Each doll I saw I thought to myself; yea that was me last week , that currently is me, and yea I felt that too.  I could relate to all the mood she presented in her exhibition except for one ; one which she did not tell us specifically what she felt but she hinted it symbolized love. The artist said that the doll holding the heart balloon was her favorite; she said that it symbolized what she was currently feeling. Is the artist in love with someone or is she in love with her work? I could only guess she is in love ;  who knows if she is in love with something or someone?