WK14:Artist Conversation

   Sery Kwon


            When I walked into the Gator-West gallery, there was many amazing paintings but there was this one piece that caught my attention. The piece that caught my attention was by Artist Sery Kwon. Sery Kwon displayed three of her paintings in a collaboration show called Transference.

Sery Kwon is not only a good artist but she had an amazing journey to become an artist. Artist Kwon began her journey as an artist when she was in Middle school and in South Korea, at the age of fifteen she decided that she wanted to become an artist. At that same time, she told her parents that she wanted to come to the U.S., to become an artist. Her parents let her come to the U.S. She came to the alone and lived with a Host family in the East Coast for about a year. After a year she moved to California with her older brother. She currently lives in Downey and attends Cal State Long Beach.

Sery Kwon is a Senior and this is her last year before she graduates. She says she is both excited and freaking out. She is freaking out because she does not really know exactly what she wants to do. As of know she is planning to take a year off, and then she wants to work on getting her masters. She also wants to continue making shows and possibly teach.

The piece that caught my attention, was a piece that was made from a ripped canvas. She painted a canvas and then ripped it up.  She painted the canvas with very bright colors, but later began to added red.  She says that she used red because it is the black of the colors. She explained to us that red is both a very bright saturated color but it is very close to black; when you take a picture red looks black.  The piece was created because she wanted to create some type of question.


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