Wk 14: Classmate Conversations

 Socheatey Yim & Bryan Hernandez

              I will always remember Socheatey as being the only Asian in school.  Socheatey and I have gone to the same school since we where in Middle school. Even though we have been going to the same school, I did not really know her. It was not till I got to Cal State Long beach that I began to talk to her, and once we took this class we got closer. I did not know much about Tey, but in this class I learned a lot about her.  For example, I learned, that she immigrated from Cambodia at the age of ten, and that she speaks Khmer. Another thing I will always remember about Tey, is her nickname from high school; So she tie my shoes.



For this week Tey and I interviewed Bryan Hernandez. Bryan, like us is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. He is currently a Business Management major. His parents were his inspiration to choose Business as a career. Bryan has many hobbies, he likes to listen to music, hangout with his friends and family. He really likes to camp, his favorite spot to camp is Lake Tahoe. Another hobby he enjoys is watching movies. In fact, he says he likes movies because the message they give you. Messages that, he sometimes can deeply relate to.



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