Wk13: Classmate Conversation

Brianna Lopez


“I love that I am able to cook for my family”,(Brianna Lopez). Brianna loves to cook and bake. She says she loves when people find her food delicious.  Brianna Lopez is a second year at Cal State Long Beach, who is studying healthcare administration.She is currently working to get her bachelors but she does not want to stop there, she wants to get her masters. On her spare time she likes to go out and film/editing videos; which she posts on Instagram for her friends to see. Her videos allows her to meet new people, that have similar interest. “ I am hooked on shows on netflix, especially Pretty Little Liars”.(Brianna Lopez).

Question of the week:What was your definition of art thirteen weeks ago and what is it today?

“Well my definition of art has not changed. I have always defined art as an individual thing. People make of it what they want.”(Lopez) For Brianna art is something individual; each person creates what they want.


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