Wk:12 Extra credit

As of now this is my favorite class I have taken in college. I have learn a lot but I also have fun.Most of the classes I am and have taken in college are so boring. In this class you are kind of pushed out of your comfort zone, which is both good and bad. It is good because you are doing new things, but it is bad because it can be very scary.

In the class my top favorite activity was fiber art. I really enjoyed making a piece of art, out of nails, yarn and wood. My second favorite was the painting one. I always wanted to tag, not illegally but I wanted to use spray paint to paint something. I enjoyed working with spray paint even though it was not that easy. Finally my third favorite was Periscope, even though it was some what creepy, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed talking on the camera, and in a way meeting new people.

IMAG0353 (1)IMAG0125Screenshot_2015-10-01-12-18-18

Even though I liked most of the activities we did, I did not like some. The one I did not like the most was the Somebody app. I did not like it because, some of the people where taking advantage of the app.I was sent to go hug a total stranger and then someone sent a girl to kiss a guy. The second one I did not like was geocaching; yes it did sound like a fun idea at first. It was fun till I realized that the GPS on the app did not work well. It was so annoying to work with. Finally my third not so favorite activity was ethnography. I was so hard not to use electricity for the night, especially for the fact that everyone in my house was using it. The only thing good about this is that I got a good night sleep because I went to sleep early.



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