Wk:12 ePortfolio

For this weeks activity, I had to do an ePortfolio. At first I did not really know what I wanted to do with my Portfolio; I could not decide if I wanted to do it on Compton, Mexican American culture, or Nursing. I decided to do it on Nursing because it is something I have a strong passion for. Nursing is very important to me. With this assignment I hope future  employers see, the passion I have for Nursing. Hope they see why I became a nurse, and the process it took me to become a Nurse.

    I had to make some minor adjustments to my website. The first adjustment was to make menus. I added a Nursing Menu and and Art 110 menu. For the Art 110 menu I added sub-menus which were each blog post I did for the class. Another thing I did was change the background and add a nursing touch to it. I chose a picture of the Nursing symbol; which is universal to any nurse. Before that I had a floral bright color background.The last and final step I did was change my header image, I changed it to something important to me.

2d212e2c787a130324f32a7813b95179 nursing

First background                                                          Final background




header image



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