Wk:12 Artist Conversation

Christopher Michael Liquata


 “Sacred and Profane”, was the title artist Christopher Michael Linquata gave to his exhibition. When you first walk into the Gatov- West Gallery you see paintings of different sizes; most big but some small. Painting that were made with acrylic and oil paint. In most of the paintings, you can see the artist himself.  Each of the paintings have beautiful sceneries; blue skies, the beach, palm trees, and street art.

Artist Christopher Linquata is a thirty-eight year old student at Cal State Long Beach. He currently is a student in the Master’s program for Representational painting and drawing. This is the last semester before he graduates.After he graduates, he says that he does not really know what he is going to do but he says that he might teach. He also wants to put his paintings in show, put his art out there. Little by little, he wants to build up his momentum. He likes  Renaissance paintings and street art. He was inspired by his classmates and his professors. He says that between his classmates and him, that they inspired each other.

IMAG0361 IMAG0362

He worked on his paintings eighteen hours a day, meaning he worked on these for seventy-five percent of the day. He began by drawing the pieces and then he would redraw them with charcoal. To paint each piece he would use a lot of brushes; to be exact about fourteen brushes per painting. On each painting he would add layers and layers of paint, until he liked them. Artist Christopher had no favorite painting, to him they were all his babies.


When I first walked into the gallery, the backgrounds of the paintings caught my attention. When I first walked in I thought the scene of the painting, was at Venice beach. They were not at Venice beach  but, they did take place in  California; the Sunken City in San Pedro. My personal favorite paintings,where the smaller ones of his small family. His family consists of him, his wife and daughter. In the paintings his Daughter is in  the center, his wife is to the right and he is to the left of his daughter. I interpreted that his daughter is the center of both their worlds.


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