Wk:12 Classmate conversation

Aida Gonzalez


  “In the future, I want to open  up a daycare for low income families”, (Aida) Aida Gonzales is a second year at Cal State Long Beach, with a major in Social Work and a minor in Children’s Development.Aida wishes to one day open up a daycare, to help out families of low income. She chose her major because she wants know every aspect of running a daycare. The only thing she says she needs is a friend that is a business major to help her out, with running her own business. Aida currently works with children, she works in after school program.

       Aida’s hobbies is watching Netflix even though recently she has not has time to watch netflix; due to big amount of homework she has. On Netflix she likes to watch criminal minds, friends and almost anything. She loves to sleep be in her bed, and go out with friends. When she goes out, she likes to go to  eat; her favorite food is cake and ice cream.

       A color that calms her is sky blue. She says, “it calms me, it’s peaceful”. A color that excites her is red; she associates it with fun.


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