My Beginning into Nursing : ROP Classes

I grew up in a low income community, I have seen first hand the necessity of good health care. This why I wanted to become a Nurse, I did not choose this career for the money, but because I want to help. I really know the need of good and passionate Nurses.

My journey to become a nurse began in high school. In my high school they offered a ROP class; Certified Nurse Assistant class (CNA).  I told my mom that I was interested in the Medical field and she advised me to take the CNA class. “You need to see if you actually like the medical field and see if you are made for it. To see if you could work with blood.”(my mom).

I decided to take the CNA class, to see if I could work in the medical field and also to see if I liked it. I was scared that I was not going to be a good nurse, that I was not going to have the compassion to be a nurse. For the CNA class, I had to clinical hours in a nursing home and volunteer hours in a Clinic. Right away, when I began my clinical hours, I learned so much about myself. In the nursing home, I learned I had compassion and patience. The CNA ROP class was one of the best decisions I have made. It also help me see the importance of good nurses. Nurse provide more of a personal care and, they spend more time with the patients.

My CNA class was a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) class. ROP are  classes that are that help you with a career. Unfortunately, the CNA class is the only ROP class offered in the High School I attended. ROP classes are important, they offer students in high school, career opportunities. They help student develop skills that are needed in the workforce, and prepare them for the future.


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