Wk:12 Classmate conversation

         Stephanie Chang


          Stephanie has traveled to many places around the world. She has gone to Mexico, Japan and even to France. Even though she has traveled to Europe she still has not visited the U.K. She wants to travel to the U.K. and even wants to study  there. Stephanie is from Cupertino , California; Northern California. Her favorite weather is the cold because the she likes the outfits that are for the cold season.

          Stephanie is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Her major is Business Marketing. She really enjoys photography it is one of her favorite hobbies. She told me that she likes watching shows online, but does not have a Netflix account;she watches them on YouTube. Another thing she really enjoys is eating. I asked her what was the strangest thing she ate? She told me that the strangest thing she has eaten were , snails(escargots).

     Question of the week; Do you consider tattoos an art? Would you ever get a tattoo?

Stephanie says, she considers tattoos and art form. She says both the ones that are picked from the wall and those that are designed by oneself. Stephanie comes from a very conservative family; who do not like tattoos. Even though her family is conservative she like tattoos but she would not get one herself.


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