WK:11 Artist Conversation

Kathy YoonIMAG0339

In a single year we can go through many things. Our emotions are never the same throughout the year; the emotions vary from happy to frustrated. Artist Kathy Yoon did an exhibition on the emotions  she felt in the past year.  So many Me’s by Artist Kathy Yoon.  A story of a girl; a girl  that is her ( a “grown-ass” woman). In the exhibition you see ceramic yarn dolls; which have a vary amount of moods. Some of the dolls are running up the wall others are happy holding a heart balloon and one is being silly trying to do a front flip.


This is the last semester before Artist Kathy Yoon graduates from Cal State Long Beach. Her major is BFA in Ceramics. In the last couple of years she has been working with animal realism but decide with this project to step out of her comfort zone. She began working on her first piece for project before she even had the idea of creating this exhibition. She said that her first piece took the longest because it was something new to her.  Each piece took about a week or two. She loved making each and every single piece. Her favorite piece to make was the doll with the tutu; it made her laugh because it was so silly .

   When i walked in the exhibit I first thought of childlike dolls. Later when I read the artist statement, I began to relate. I related the most to the dolls moods; most of my college experience I go through a roller coaster of moods . Each doll I saw I thought to myself; yea that was me last week , that currently is me, and yea I felt that too.  I could relate to all the mood she presented in her exhibition except for one ; one which she did not tell us specifically what she felt but she hinted it symbolized love. The artist said that the doll holding the heart balloon was her favorite; she said that it symbolized what she was currently feeling. Is the artist in love with someone or is she in love with her work? I could only guess she is in love ;  who knows if she is in love with something or someone?



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