WK:11 Activity Fiber Art

Fiber Art


                           Pinterest is my favorite website in the world ,i find everything here. I can find new recipes, makeup tutorials, outfits and my favorite DIY. I really love DIY( Do it yourself)  activities; acne mask, hair treatments, and home decorations. For this week the activity consisted of working with fiber. As soon as I was told about the activity, I went on Pinterest and started searching fiber art. When searching up fiber art yarn came out. In my house there is a lot of yarn so I decided to use yarn to make my piece.  I searched yarn art, and then pictures of words made by nails and yarn came out.


The materials l need to make the pieces were things I had at home; nails, wood, yarn.

The first thing i did is ask my dad to cut out a piece of wood for my project. Then I began drawing of the letter. I could not decide if I wanted to do just a letter or my last name. I decide to just do the letter; since my last name is long ( three words). I drew out the letter C for my name; to put it in my room.

IMG_3499 IMG_3500

The second thing I did was hammer in the nails. I was scared to hammer my fingers so i was very careful.( tip it is much easier to hammer things on wood if you put a piece of wood under it). Hammering in the nails was not that easy because some of the nails would come out, while hammering the other nails.


The third thing is weaving in the yarn; this was the easiest part. The colors I picked when I first weaved, I did not like it so i re-did it.


The last and final step I did was add flowers to the bottom corner (this was extra).

IMAG0353 (1)


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