Wk:10 Game Design



      Geocaching sounded like a fun activity do. Well Geocaching is fun but it wasn’t an easy activity. My friends and I decided to do this activity together , as a group. It all began as we walked to my friends car. They gather their materials for the object they were going to hide. Then my friend from Long Beach City College tagged along. So off we went on the search to find the Geocache by the Pyramid. We tried using the GPS on the Geocaching app but it kept either losing signal or taking us somewhere else. It was so hard to work with it.

     Once we got to the “location” we began to search. We looked and looked but we could not find anything. That’s when we re-read the description and decided to split up. Some of us retraced our steps ,but we could not find anything. We read the comments that little kids found it quite easy; we thought to ourselves “if they could find it then we can too”.Well turns out after minutes and minutes of looking under the hot sun, we could not find it. We really looked and looked but couldn’t find anything. Sad to say two little kids beat five college students.


     When hiding my Geocache I decided to hide it somewhere where people go to often. I chose the parking structure next to the CBA. Every day hundreds of students pass by it , others park in it. I hide it somewhere, that is not that difficult to find ( given my past experience), but at the same time not that obvious. The only problem might be for someone short to find it because my Geocache is hidden up above.  



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