Wk:10 Classmate Conversation

Vanessa Marquez Guerrero


    Finally  someone with a long name like me; Vanessa Marquez Guerrero. Vanessa legally has two last names like me; the first from her dad and the second from her mom. Vanessa is a Second year at Cal State Long Beach and she is currently eighteen years old. She is a Social Work Major and also has a sister that currently attends Cal State Long Beach. When Vanessa was in High School she played Softball; she played for two years and in her second year she made it to Varsity team. One of  Vanessa’s hobbies is sleeping. She says, “ I like to be in bed for as long as i can ”. She likes watching Netflix and playing with her dogs. She likes the outdoors and going on adventures.

     Vanessa likes adventure and she wishes to travel the world. She wants to visit France, Greece, London and many other places. She says that she wants to see and experience different things. Even though she is shy sometimes, she wants to experience others’ cultures; meet people from different parts of the world. She wants to see what  the world has to offer to her.


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