WK:10 Artist Conversation

 Angel Franco


      “Kids used to grow up with toys, now they grow up with violence.”(Angel Franco) Artist Angel Franco created an Exhibition to bring attention to Social Injustice . When you walk in the Dutzi gallery, the first thing you see are the jail bars, inside the it is a sculpture of a little girl crying. Behind the girl on the ground there are bullets, Baleros (mexican wooden toys) and behind all this there is a projection of videos playing. Videos in which you can see the abuse of power by the police both in the U.S and in Mexico. Videos of the 43 missing Students of Ayotzinapa (Mexico).


           Artist Franco has personally experiences with confrontations with the police. On one occasion, he was followed by the police to his own home (in a gated community). They followed him and questioned him; what he was doing and where he was going. Unfortunately this was not the only time he was stopped and questioned by the police; at his own school (Cal State Long Beach) the police stopped him. When he is stopped by the police, he always thinks everything twice because he is well aware that any mistake can cause him his life. Even though he wants to bring awareness to the abuse of power by the police, he does not believe all cops are bad.

          Angel Franco is From Compton. He is currently a sixth-year student at Cal State Long Beach. He is going to graduate Spring of 2016. I asked him what he was going to do after he graduates. He said that he was going to take time off; make shows, work on social movements and experiment. He wants to use that time to figure out what was going to be his next step.

         Artist Franco wanted to bring awareness to the story of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa. He said that some people do not know their story. I personally did know about the 43 students. When I first heard the story, the thing i thought that could have been me. They were college students whose only crime was to express themselves (protest). I am also from Compton; I well aware of the stereotype that this creates for me . As of today I have only had one confrontation with the police. Today when I was outside in my car around seven p.m,  the police passed by and flashed his flashlight to my face. Fortunately that was everything because I am a Female but I am pretty sure if it would have been my younger brother the situation would have been something else. I fear for my younger brother because most situations where the police abuse their power it is with young males.

Unfortunately artist Angel Franco has no websites


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