Wk:9 Transmedia Storytelling


Alessandra Reyna

Alessandra Reyna, third year Fashion Design major. Alessandra also known as Alexa, is a very fashionable young woman. A young woman who is trying to manage school and life. She is still young and like every young person, she is trying to find herself. Alexa likes to sing even though she believes she does not have the voice. She likes to go out with her friends and adventure the world. Her hobbies include playing softball and taking pictures. She likes to capture one moment at a time.

Even though her major is Fashion Design, Alexa decided to take a photography class. In this class she has made five close friends ; Kevin (Calvin), Ana (Anahi), Tracy(Jasmine), Jeanine (Vanessa), and Leyla (Genesis). They all share in common that they like photography. Their Professor Ann Stuart (photography class)makes them post assignments on instagram. For the current week the professor made them post a picture of an exotic dish but the professor was very critical of the assignment. The students were not very happy with the grades and the criticism. The students used social media to express their frustration.

Screenshot_2015-10-25-10-37-08 IMG_3381IMG_3382

When Professor Glen told us about the Transmedia Storytelling assignment, and that we can work in groups; we all automatically looked at each other like we were going to do something crazy . We did not do anything crazy but we had an a idea. An idea that was not that easy to come up with. Tey first  came up with the idea of her being a teacher and the group being her students.Genesis suggested we do a breakfast Club type of story. I wanted my character to be a photographer and Calvin wanted his to be a douche. I later created my characters Instagram; in which i posted a bunch of pictures i have taken of my adventures. Then later someone suggested we make the class a photography class. Little by little our ideas came together and we came up with the Photography class taught by Professor Ann Stuart.

IMG_3386 IMG_3385


(Kevin and Alessandra Conversation)

I enjoyed this activity because it allowed me to express myself. It allowed me to invent myself through another character. Alessandra Reyna represented my “artistic” side. All the pictures I posted on the Instagram were pictures i took myself. I have always wanted to be a photographer but, i do not have the proper experiences or the materials needed. I kind of want to keep the Instagram profile and keep posting pictures to see if people actually like them.



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