Wk: Classmate Conversation


Jasmine Acosta

Jasmine Acosta is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but is looking into getting a Criminal Justice major with a minor in forensics. Jasmine like me is from Compton , California. She likes to go out for hikes and to go swimming. Her hobbies include playing video games and also like me watching lots of Netflix.

Jasmine’s favorite type of art is sculpture. She Likes Sculpture because it is three dimensional and  it is not just flat. She says, “I can actually walk around the whole piece and see it from different angles.” She says many that do sculptures like to work with plaster; making the pieces have a lot of texture. The texture is not always smooth but it allows the artist to add their details (Jasmine).  To her sculptures are more interesting then a flat painting on a wall.


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