Wk: Artist Conversation Maccabee Shelley

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         In the Gatov West Gallery, Artist Maccabee Shelley had his exhibition. The name of the exhibition was Fragile future. The materials that were used to create the pieces in the gallery were ; ceramic, glass, paint, and many other materials. The materials he used were both materials he bought and found. The exhibition has a lot of color, glass shaped into different shapes and lengths. Some of the glass looked pointy and sticking up and others were flat. The dimensions and the textures varied.

         Maccabee Shelley was born in Los Angeles. Most people love Los Angeles weather but artist Maccabee Shelley did not. Maccabee decided to move to San Francisco because he wanted to get away from the hot weather.He eventually moved back to Long Beach. Currently he is a Post Baccalaureate Student at Cal State Long Beach.
Artist Maccabee Shelley speaks with great passion about his art work and about life. He said that his life is “like a chest piece”.

       With his art pieces he likes to push himself past the unknown. He likes to add science to his art. Like in science he experiments, with what he already knows and with the unknown. Like he experiments, he wants his audience to experiment and to “expand their world views”. For them to question what they believe to be real.

When i first walked in the gallery all the colors caught my attention. The way the glass was shaped; some of it looked like a colored liquid that froze when it was being poured. It was interesting the way the artist placed the pieces. One of the pieces caught my attention the most was, a piece that looked to be over six feet tall. The artist had previously visited my art class and mentioned that he enjoyed pushing the pieces to the breaking point; to see how tall he could make it. To challenge himself past the comfort zone. The Artist created amazing works of art by pushing himself past his comfort zone, this makes me question myself. What if i was to step out my comfort zone and experiment with the great unknown?


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