Wk:8 Artist Conversation


Rhiannon Aarons

Rhiannon Aarons is only a second year Masters in Art major student at Cal State Long Beach and already has had many galleries. Even though she had many galleries, it was her first at Cal State Long Beach. Most of her galleries were in Los Angeles. She created an exhibition called “Natural History”. In this gallery she has drawings of anatomical skulls but not any anatomical skulls, those of hybrid animals and mythological creatures.

In her exhibition she tried to capture “practice of anatomy that do not exist”, Something that stood out to me the most was a crate.  The crate was not box like but the shape of a “T”. One of the pieces had three heads, so if you were to place it in a crate it  would have to have an odd shape. The artist created the crate in the shape so if one of the skull(the one with the three heads) was found it would be placed in there.

Most of the pieces in the exhibition are black and white. Artist used those colors because they are the ones that are used in anatomy. One of the pieces in the exhibition is a reddish ,orangey color. She decide to use those colors because when archaeologist find a fossil those are the color the fossils are found in.

To create these images artist used 18th century anatomy. She used research from the internet. museums and an 18th century Anatomy Book. During the 18th century it was the era of Enlightenment; scientific discovery. With Science comes theories; some wrong and some right. During this era people began to question the bodies. They created anatomical images from what they thought, they looked like. They did this because they did not have the physical thing to create it. “Anatomy comes out of death”, (Rhiannon). Rhiannon believes that anatomy is important to an artist because that is what some of their works consist of; drawing the body.

Gatov West


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