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 Somebody app


       With the Somebody app I was pushed out of my comfort zone. It was fun but I did not really like it. The concept for this app is very different from others. You send a message but it is not sent directly to the person you want to; instead it is sent through a third person. The person delivering the message could be a random stranger (who is around your friend) or one of your friends. The person delivers the message in person not through text. Another thing the person sending the message can choose a gesture for the person delivering the message to do.

   Screenshot_2015-10-15-11-51-40  I got to deliver my friends and a strangers message. When I delivered my friends message, I could not keep a straight face; my friends could not take me serious. I also delivered another message to a stranger from another stranger. At first I could not find the person I was to deliver the message to then I was gong to say  I was Jane Doe person and hug a complete stranger. When I got a message delivered to me the person did not complete their task they were suppose to buy me coffee, I did not receive a cup of coffee.

     This socializing app is different then Instagram and Snapchat .Instagram allows you to share pictures and send direct messages. Snapchat allows you to send pictures and chat. With Snapchat and Instagram you do not have to be physically in front of someone to socialize but with Somebody app you have to speak to someone physically to socialize. With the Somebody app you are sending messages but not directly like Instagram and Snapchat. With the somebody app you can not really send personal stuff, because it  going to go through a third person.


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