Wk:7 Classmate Conversation


Kahlia Cadle

              Upcoming artist Kahlia Cadle, who has been working on her album for the past year. Kahlia is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. She is from Fontana and is still living there, she commutes Monday through Thursday from Fontana to Long Beach, and say it is an hour drive. Kahlia plays multiple instrument and sings but is majoring in accounting. She was inspired by her older brother to become an accountant. Even though she is majoring in accounting she wish to work in the music industry (as an accountant for the music industy). She told me , “Every industry needs an accountant and I want to work for the music industry.” Kahlia has many hobbies two of which include watching Netflix and eating. Her favorite food is French Fries; she is a Vegetarian.

She recently works tutoring kids ages three and up. I asked her if it was hard working with three year olds, she responded “Most of the time they collaborate but sometimes they are bit impatient”. She also told me she is the youngest of three kids; she has an older brother and sister. As I mentioned before Kahlia has been working on an album called Halcyon. She has been working on it with her friend and she say she is close to having her album released.

I also asked her one last question, if she was to dye her hair what color would she dye it? She responded, “Gray the color looks cool.”


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