WK:7 Artist Conversation

IMAG0231                                                   Jane Weibel

Our memories and experiences shape us; they make us the people we are now. They help us shape our future based on the past, but according to a study “our brain rewrites our memories each time we think of them”. Artist Jane Weibel made a gallery on memories called “The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time”.

As soon as you walk in the Gatov West, you are taken back to your childhood. All the bright colors and apparatus that take you back to when you were a child. As soon as my friend and I walked in I, we remembered elementary school; most importantly the playground. The place where our imaginations went wild. My friend and I remembered our adventure in the playground how we would run to the swings or the monkey bar, as soon as the recess bell rung. Childhood are one of the most cherished memories, and those that determine who we will become.

Artist Jane Weibel is a junior at Cal State Long beach with a major in ceramics. She is from San Diego and came to long Beach originally as a Graphic design major. It took her two years to build everything. She began working on this project when a family member passed away to Alzheimers. She used props from her childhood; slide, pictures, and clothing.

To her this was a personal project; to reflect on her childhood. With this exhibit she wants her viewers to take something away; to remember their childhood. As a viewer I took away something, my most cherished memories my childhood.

IMAG0226 IMAG0220 IMAG0223


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