Wk:7: Activity Ephemeral Art


Make a wish


              Hello my name is Carolina and I am addicted to snapchat. Unlike Instagram on snapchat I could post and a picture or video and people would not be able to see more than once. Snapchat allows you to post something that is going to disappear. I use snapchat on a daily basis, I am probably one of the annoying people that have a 100 second snapchat story (which I try to avoid). For me snapchat is like a behind the scenes of the reality show of my life.

I did not find this week assignment that difficult because I use snapchat everyday but the only thing was adding some of my classmates. Adding classmates was the hard part for me because I have no filters on snapchat; meaning I am truly myself on snapchat. Unlike Instagram, where I try to post really good selfies on snapchat I post things of my true identity. I do not have to care about getting likes, I post pictures of how I look in the morning (with my messy lion looking hair). I show my dorky laugh and voice, something i do not do on instagram.

Snapchat in a way, is more liberating more than Periscope. On periscope it is easy to show who you are but it is hard to pick the people viewing you. You also do not know most of the people who are viewing you; on snapchat you choose who you want to view your stories; this is why I am careful choosing who I add on snapchat.  For me snapchat is a way to express myself. Behind the scene of the reality t.v. show of my life. I have no filter in the way I express myself, feel and look.

my snapchats:


Classmates Snapchats


Rossana Ramirez


Genesis Jacobo


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