wk:6 Identity Art

Screenshot_2015-10-04-19-12-12 (1)           Periscope

          When I was in High School my friends and I would do video diaries; to remember our High school experiences. Since I had the experience of video diaries, I thought that Periscoping was not going to be complicated; well I thought wrong. Periscoping was not as easy as I thought. It was difficult to me, because it felt weird, for the simple fact that hundreds of people can see me. A stranger somewhere in the world is watching what I am doing, but I can not see them.

Even though I found Periscope a little difficult to work with, I was able to have some fun with it. My two favorite Periscope videos I did, where when I went to eat with my friends and when we were driving back to school. These were my favorite two because I was doing them with my friends; my friends and I interacted with my viewers. My viewers were from different parts of the world; one was located in Madrid and another was even in the same location as me. My favorite part of Periscoping was when my viewers, were confused of what side the steering wheel on the car was; they thought the steering wheel was on the right side because the camera was making it look like that.



          Periscope is both fun and creepy. It is fun because it allows you express yourself, to show who you really are. But it is also creepy because if you think about it a stranger is looking at your life. Another thing are the things people comment. Periscope makes it easy for Cyber bullies, to bully people.Periscoping is a different yet fun experience. I would like to continue Periscoping but use the private setting to communicate with only my friends and family.



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