WK:6 Classsmate Conversation

Anahi Ramirez

            Anahi Ramirez, who name is often mispronounced and is called Ana_he. Anahi is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but is planning to pursue a major in the Health field; specifically Health Science Administration. She is the eldest of two children and has a younger sister who is currently in High School. Anahi has many hobbies which include, “watching loads of Youtube videos, spending time outdoor, and reading”.


        Different colors mean different things to people. I asked Anahi , what the color red means to her? She responded, “Red represents passion”. She says she feels it represents passion because the things people associate it with. For example she says, that the color often represents love. She uses the example of Valentines Day, how everything is red. She said, ” For Valentines we see, red roses and red hearts”.


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