Wk:6 Artist Conversation



                Mezclado Spanish for mix. Mezclado is an exhibition collaboration that “explores the stereotypes imposed on the artist culture, gender, and socioeconomic status”( artists of Mezclado). The collaboration was between five Latin American women; Bianca Hurtado, Vanessa Olivarez, Marlene Tafoya, Cindy Vallejo and Romana Vera. The exhibition consists of pictures, furniture, shoes and many other artifacts. It is presented in two parts the first is Loteria ( Mexican Bingo) and the second the exhibition itself.

Unfortunately not all but one of the artist were present, when I attended the gallery (gatov-west); the artist present was Bianca Hurtado. Bianca is a sixth year student at Cal State Long Beach. She currently lives and has lived in the city of Lynwood. When she first started school she was a Nursing major but later changed to Art.

Bianca was able to explain some details of the pieces of the other artists. Bianca’s piece was “Estos no son Toms these are not Toms”. The piece consist of some Huraches ( Mexican sandals). She explained that they originated from Columbia. She said that the huraches were used by famers in the fields. Another thing she said that the soles of most were made from recycled tires.


When I first saw the exhibition, I immediately thought of a quote “Too Mexican for America, Too American for Mexico”, (Author unknown). Latin American people are part of two groups; their ethnicity and their nationality. In one of the pieces you have an American flag over a Mexican flag on top of an ironing table. When you first look at it you cannot see the Mexican flag but if you pay attention you could see it. For me this means no matter how much you hide your ethnicity, it is there; it is not something you can hide.

If you wish to learn more of the artist Bianca Hurtado you can find her on Instagram @ Bianca


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