Wk5- Classmate Conversation Socheatey Yim

Socheatey Yim, Second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Her major is Business Accounting. Her hobby include drawing. Why did she pick Cal State Long Beach? She says , “Because it was my dream school”.

Socheatey came to the U.S. from Cambodia, and she is swimming in her Cambodian culture. Since she came to the U.S. and she had to embrace the American culture too. She feels “I am in touch with my culture but I am Ghetto”.She say that Combodians say she is , “Americanized”. Socheatey eats Combodian food, celebrates the holidays and speaks Khmer.


Part of her, reality is that she misses her homeland. She say she misses the ferrie but most of all she misses is her father. Socheatey is an amazing person. Tey as she likes to be called, is a hardworking person. Besides hardwoking she is a enthustic and freindly person.


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