wk5- Artist of the week Joanie Ellen

I am dirty- You are Dirty. A show that deals with the human nature, by Joanie Ellen. Artist Joanie had her exhibition in the Werby-Gallery. In the show, she used a video to convae her message . She decided to use this technique because it gave it a better understanding.


Joanie Ellen is an Artist, Actor, Mother and Wife. Joanie is from new York. Her Husband is a Proffesor of Philosophy at Cal State Long Beach. She has been an actor her entire life. Also, while pregnant she began wood work.

The artist, with the show wants the viewers to have an emerging experience. She liked that people had a fear to go into the exhibit. In the exhibit she has soaps, which she encourages people to use; the soap are important to the exhibition. Other objects are dirty ( which she brought from her own home) and beach stones ( which she gathered from the beach).


When you enter the gallery, it is dark with a sheet covering the door. A video is playing , with what seems to be two women talking to each other. They are both the same person except that one is wearing black and the other white. To me the exhibit symbolizes the good and evil from within oneself. How within oursselves we are constantly fighting against the evil. The dirt and the woman in black symbolze evil. The soap sybolizes the cleaning of the evil.



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