Wk-5 Activity-Deep Ethology

Don’t Burn the house

Friday September 25, the night begins; no electricity. I am sitting in the middle of my room with the desk infront of me. I have candles to left and to the right side. I have a snack , water, my anatomy book ( to “study” ),pen and paper.

IMG_3187 (1)

Sitting here in the dark reminds me, when i would go visit my Grandparents in Mexico. The electricity will often go away in the Pueblo (where my grandparents live). Ironically the name of the Pueblo was La Luz ; which means light and/or electricity. My mom and i would constantly make fun of it, by calling it La Luz sin Luz ( the light without light). Even though the electricity will often go away , it did not bug me. When i am in Mexico, i do not check my phone; check instagram or even check my text messages. Because of the way the Pueblo was built, it does not get good phone service (to make a call you either have to go on the second floor of a house or climb a hill). But I did not need the internet to socialize, i could do it face to face. Without electricity, “I am one with nature”.

Writing by candle makes me feel like i am in, historic times; i just need a feather pen to complete the mood. Being without electricity is a diffrent experience, especially because it is something that i had to choice. I like being without electricity but i love electricity more. I would be able to survive one or two days without electricity but that is it. Electricity is an essentail part of my life. When i began preparing for the project , gathering my materials, my mom told me something , ” Don’t burn the house.”



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