The art of Graffiti

IMAG0125 (1)

When I think of Graffiti I normally think of vandalism. Growing up in Compton Graffiti was normally associated with Gangs. Gangs  members would tag  their group name to claim their territory. Working on a project using graffiti allowed me to learn more about it. I realized not all type of graffiti is “bad”. Graffiti is an art, it allows people express themselves. It allows them to be creative and turn a simple word into a work of art.

Learning about graffiti was not enough I need to learn hands on; I needed to create my own graffiti piece. I created my piece of art in my own back yard; sitting in grass. I grab a piece of plastic that my parents no longer needed and began the process. I have much respect for Graffiti artists , tagging is not as easy as it looks. Working with spray paint is pretty complicated; if you hold it a certain way then the paint with come out misty if placed too close the paint will smear. I began by drawing out my name with a sharpie, then I spray painted the letters white. To add a contrast the colors I added blue to the back ground and then later I added green. After adding the green to the back ground I was not happy with my lettering so I decide to paint them silver. Once I finished with the silver I added more blue and green to the back ground also I misted some whit into it. I like how my oiece looks but need more practice .

Snapchat-7826213489688624731                  IMAG0126

ps. I like more how my piece looks if you look at it from the back


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