Is it Rosanna or evil her twin?


Is it Rosanna Ramirez or her  evil twin sister? Rosanna has twin sister but she is not evil, but they do look so much alike. Beside having a twin sister Rosanna is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Even though she is undeclared, she has an idea of what she wants to major in; music. Something Rosanna and I had in common is that we both considered studying in Mexico.  Another thing we had in common is that we both hate parking in school. We had a long conversation on how early we have to come to get a parking space or how far we have to walk because we can find a close enough parking space.

I asked Rosanna why is art important? She responded ,” Art allows us to escape from reality”. She explains how it allows us to keep or mind distracted from the strains of everyday life.  It also allows our imagination to go wild. “Art is in everything”, (Rosanna). Meaning art is in music, writing, paintings, and many more other things. I completely agree with her it allows us to distract ourselves when we are feeling sad. It allows us like little kids have an imagination.


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