Intuit Mythos

 Inuit Mythos Gallery stories of Native American Eskimo, Mythology. This show was created by Artist Jamie Strassenburg. Jamie’s illustartions are very vivid and bright colors. In each piece she is telling the story of the Inuit First Nation. With each piece artist wants to make them “to be believable.”


Artist Jamie Strassenburg ,is a Fine Art student at Cal State Long Beach; currently a senior. Some of her areas of expertise “fantasy video gamimg”, (Jamie). She wants to work making video games. While attending Cal State Long Beach, she collaborated with students on campus and created a video game. Her current age is 25 and will be graduating spring of 2016.


When i think of the Sun and moon, i normally think about two lovers. i also think about the sun being masculin (sol) and the moon being femine (luna). Artist Jamie protrays the Sun Sister Malina and The Moon Brother Anningan. When looking at the image The Celestial Chase, you can see how the sun is superior to the moon. Malina is brighter, with more light (sun), and Anningan is darker in the shadow of the sun . Annigan is in her shadow waiting for her to leave, once Malina (sun) leave, he comes with his dim light (night).


if you wish to see more of Jamie’s art visit her website: jamiedraws

instagram: drawnbyjamie or go to CSULB and visit the merlino-gallery


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