I believe in order to succeed in anything, one must be social. Socializing opens up a new world; different perspectives. Through out the years  the way we socialize has been changing. Social media is one of the changes that has had the most impact in the modern age. It allows people, to socialize with someone on the other side of the world. It also allows people to share their feelings, ideas, the occasional selfie and what they had for lunch. In our “Group Portrait”, I noticed we really like sharing what we eat, where we are at, who we are with and what we are doing. In the “Group Portrait”  most people posted their lunch, their group of friends and lots of selfies. Like many of my classmates I posted a selfie, a picture of my friends and my second home CSULB. One thing I notice we all have in common we attend CSULB (haha) and that we really like to eat, and hangout with our friends. We like to keep ourselves busy, by going out , playing with our pets, socializing with other people and watching Netflix. I even found out that, one of my fellow classmate and I like the same show  “Narcos”.

p.s. I also found out I am someone’s backup dancer

c928a74c-6125-4411-a2df-598e3942bae4    Screenshot_2015-09-13-22-37-45IMG_3134


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