Wk 14: Classmate Conversations

 Socheatey Yim & Bryan Hernandez

              I will always remember Socheatey as being the only Asian in school.  Socheatey and I have gone to the same school since we where in Middle school. Even though we have been going to the same school, I did not really know her. It was not till I got to Cal State Long beach that I began to talk to her, and once we took this class we got closer. I did not know much about Tey, but in this class I learned a lot about her.  For example, I learned, that she immigrated from Cambodia at the age of ten, and that she speaks Khmer. Another thing I will always remember about Tey, is her nickname from high school; So she tie my shoes.



For this week Tey and I interviewed Bryan Hernandez. Bryan, like us is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. He is currently a Business Management major. His parents were his inspiration to choose Business as a career. Bryan has many hobbies, he likes to listen to music, hangout with his friends and family. He really likes to camp, his favorite spot to camp is Lake Tahoe. Another hobby he enjoys is watching movies. In fact, he says he likes movies because the message they give you. Messages that, he sometimes can deeply relate to.



WK14:Artist Conversation

   Sery Kwon


            When I walked into the Gator-West gallery, there was many amazing paintings but there was this one piece that caught my attention. The piece that caught my attention was by Artist Sery Kwon. Sery Kwon displayed three of her paintings in a collaboration show called Transference.

Sery Kwon is not only a good artist but she had an amazing journey to become an artist. Artist Kwon began her journey as an artist when she was in Middle school and in South Korea, at the age of fifteen she decided that she wanted to become an artist. At that same time, she told her parents that she wanted to come to the U.S., to become an artist. Her parents let her come to the U.S. She came to the alone and lived with a Host family in the East Coast for about a year. After a year she moved to California with her older brother. She currently lives in Downey and attends Cal State Long Beach.

Sery Kwon is a Senior and this is her last year before she graduates. She says she is both excited and freaking out. She is freaking out because she does not really know exactly what she wants to do. As of know she is planning to take a year off, and then she wants to work on getting her masters. She also wants to continue making shows and possibly teach.

The piece that caught my attention, was a piece that was made from a ripped canvas. She painted a canvas and then ripped it up.  She painted the canvas with very bright colors, but later began to added red.  She says that she used red because it is the black of the colors. She explained to us that red is both a very bright saturated color but it is very close to black; when you take a picture red looks black.  The piece was created because she wanted to create some type of question.

Wk13: Classmate Conversation

Brianna Lopez


“I love that I am able to cook for my family”,(Brianna Lopez). Brianna loves to cook and bake. She says she loves when people find her food delicious.  Brianna Lopez is a second year at Cal State Long Beach, who is studying healthcare administration.She is currently working to get her bachelors but she does not want to stop there, she wants to get her masters. On her spare time she likes to go out and film/editing videos; which she posts on Instagram for her friends to see. Her videos allows her to meet new people, that have similar interest. “ I am hooked on shows on netflix, especially Pretty Little Liars”.(Brianna Lopez).

Question of the week:What was your definition of art thirteen weeks ago and what is it today?

“Well my definition of art has not changed. I have always defined art as an individual thing. People make of it what they want.”(Lopez) For Brianna art is something individual; each person creates what they want.

Wk13: Artist Conversation

Shahrzad Ahrar

When I walked in the Dutzi-gallery the kaleidoscopes caught my attention. Each kaleidoscope was set on top on of a stand which had different labels but on the side they all said “pick me up”. When I looked inside the kaleidoscopes, it was so beautiful; the bright colors the different shapes and sizes. Inside the gallery there was many pieces. I thought it was a collaboration between artist because there was three different sections. Each section, the artist Shahrzad Ahrar was based on a different individual.  

Artist Ahrar came to the U.S. seven years ago from Iran. The inspiration for her show Wake, came from her personal experience. Artist Ahrar, was curios about how other people from different culture, where affected by immigration. Shahrzad Ahrar said, that she was curios because she was homesick. She began working on this project two years ago. She began by interviewing people but she said that it was hard to get people, that were ok with her putting their stories in her show.

In her show, she featured four people; Omar, Ali, Sara, and Hrvoje. For each, the artist created a section; sections in which she describes their life before and after they immigrated to the U.S.  For Omar from Afghanistan ,she created a wallpaper. The wallpaper was navy blue, white, gold and silver. The details in the wallpaper are amazing. “I chose to tell Omar’s story through wallpaper, because its close affinity to the idea of home”( Ahrah).

For Ali from Iran, she used kaleidoscopes, in each kaleidoscope she had small figure made of colorful pastic. Each figure she designed herself and sent them to a company to print them. The kaleidoscopes represented,“that the earth is moving, everything is shifting, new experiences, challenges but most important a new life”, (Ahrah).

Sara immigrated from El Salvador to the U.S. at the age of twenty-one. To illustrate Sara’s immigration, the artist used 3D light boxes. Each layer represented the layers of immigration and Sara’s life. In the piece the artist includes both the El Salvador’s flag and the U.S.

Three posters represent the life of Hrvoje who immigrated from Croatia. “It illustrates images of his memories; his extreme feelings of the time when the war broke out in his native land, when he arrived in New York for the first time and when he stayed in Mississippi during his graduate studies”, (Ahrah).

In each section the artist captured their life before and after they immigrated. How each person felt and still feels about migrating to the U.S. I asked the artist if, she chose people from countries that were only affected by war, but she said it was all a coincidence. I personally can not relate entirely with immigrating to the, U.S but my parents can. Both of my parents immigrated from Mexico to the U.S. My parents immigrated to the U.S  not because their country was at war but to look for a better future. Thanks to the fact that my parents immigrated, I am able to have a better future. A future that I probably would have fought for, in my parents native land.

unfortunately the artist currently does not have a website.

Wk:12 Extra credit

As of now this is my favorite class I have taken in college. I have learn a lot but I also have fun.Most of the classes I am and have taken in college are so boring. In this class you are kind of pushed out of your comfort zone, which is both good and bad. It is good because you are doing new things, but it is bad because it can be very scary.

In the class my top favorite activity was fiber art. I really enjoyed making a piece of art, out of nails, yarn and wood. My second favorite was the painting one. I always wanted to tag, not illegally but I wanted to use spray paint to paint something. I enjoyed working with spray paint even though it was not that easy. Finally my third favorite was Periscope, even though it was some what creepy, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed talking on the camera, and in a way meeting new people.

IMAG0353 (1)IMAG0125Screenshot_2015-10-01-12-18-18

Even though I liked most of the activities we did, I did not like some. The one I did not like the most was the Somebody app. I did not like it because, some of the people where taking advantage of the app.I was sent to go hug a total stranger and then someone sent a girl to kiss a guy. The second one I did not like was geocaching; yes it did sound like a fun idea at first. It was fun till I realized that the GPS on the app did not work well. It was so annoying to work with. Finally my third not so favorite activity was ethnography. I was so hard not to use electricity for the night, especially for the fact that everyone in my house was using it. The only thing good about this is that I got a good night sleep because I went to sleep early.


Wk:12 Artist Conversation

Christopher Michael Liquata


 “Sacred and Profane”, was the title artist Christopher Michael Linquata gave to his exhibition. When you first walk into the Gatov- West Gallery you see paintings of different sizes; most big but some small. Painting that were made with acrylic and oil paint. In most of the paintings, you can see the artist himself.  Each of the paintings have beautiful sceneries; blue skies, the beach, palm trees, and street art.

Artist Christopher Linquata is a thirty-eight year old student at Cal State Long Beach. He currently is a student in the Master’s program for Representational painting and drawing. This is the last semester before he graduates.After he graduates, he says that he does not really know what he is going to do but he says that he might teach. He also wants to put his paintings in show, put his art out there. Little by little, he wants to build up his momentum. He likes  Renaissance paintings and street art. He was inspired by his classmates and his professors. He says that between his classmates and him, that they inspired each other.

IMAG0361 IMAG0362

He worked on his paintings eighteen hours a day, meaning he worked on these for seventy-five percent of the day. He began by drawing the pieces and then he would redraw them with charcoal. To paint each piece he would use a lot of brushes; to be exact about fourteen brushes per painting. On each painting he would add layers and layers of paint, until he liked them. Artist Christopher had no favorite painting, to him they were all his babies.


When I first walked into the gallery, the backgrounds of the paintings caught my attention. When I first walked in I thought the scene of the painting, was at Venice beach. They were not at Venice beach  but, they did take place in  California; the Sunken City in San Pedro. My personal favorite paintings,where the smaller ones of his small family. His family consists of him, his wife and daughter. In the paintings his Daughter is in  the center, his wife is to the right and he is to the left of his daughter. I interpreted that his daughter is the center of both their worlds.

Wk:12 Classmate conversation

Aida Gonzalez


  “In the future, I want to open  up a daycare for low income families”, (Aida) Aida Gonzales is a second year at Cal State Long Beach, with a major in Social Work and a minor in Children’s Development.Aida wishes to one day open up a daycare, to help out families of low income. She chose her major because she wants know every aspect of running a daycare. The only thing she says she needs is a friend that is a business major to help her out, with running her own business. Aida currently works with children, she works in after school program.

       Aida’s hobbies is watching Netflix even though recently she has not has time to watch netflix; due to big amount of homework she has. On Netflix she likes to watch criminal minds, friends and almost anything. She loves to sleep be in her bed, and go out with friends. When she goes out, she likes to go to  eat; her favorite food is cake and ice cream.

       A color that calms her is sky blue. She says, “it calms me, it’s peaceful”. A color that excites her is red; she associates it with fun.